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Iceland - The Land of Rain and Ice

2018 / 08

Spectacular landscapes and 4x4 adventures.
Hier ist unser Reisebericht (travel report in German).

Namibia - The South in a Land Rover

2015 / 05

Where our "Land Rover thing" began.
Hier ist unser Reisebericht (travel report in German).

Albania - That's where?

2019 / 06

Very nice people, more modern country than expected, lots of Range Rovers, and far too many mad dogs...

First part of our travel report: There and Back Again.

Teil Eins unseres Reiseberichts: Hin und Zurück.

Les Savoie - Landy Land

2017 / 08

On our way to the Western Alps we got hooked by the Savoy in France (the region, not the hotel...). They love Landys there. They call them "Le Land".

Hier ist unser Reisebericht (travel report in German).

SLOWenia and a little bit of CZ

2017 / 05

We took it slow to get to Slovenia via Czechia.
A relaxing holiday with some great camp sites.

Hier ist unser Reisebericht (travel report in German).

Sardinia - if it wasn't for all the tourists ;-)

2021 / 09

Crowded coasts and burnt mountain woodlands.
Fabulous food and friendly farmers.

Travel report to come.

Hot summer in Switzerland - enchanting valleys and cool glaciers

2022 / 08

Our next attempt to get to the Western Alps, and again we didn't get there because of the beauty of our "transit land". And because Switzerland allowed us to escape the heat of that summer in two wonderful valleys and at three of Europe's greatest glaciers.

Travel report to come.

Norway - Summer in September

2016 / 09

Tabloids dubbed it "summer of the century". Even tourists wore shorts.

Travel report to come.

Vogesen / Les Vosges - France, sort of.

2016 / 05

First holiday with our Landy. Now with pop-top roof.

Travel report to come.

Germany (West) - Flüsse-Tour an Mosel, Lahn, Rhein

2020 / 09

Great little rivers, and a big river not so great.

Travel report to come.

Germany (South) - Bayern

2019 / 08

Bayern? In Franken waren wir, um genau zu sein. Oberfranken, um ganz genau zu sein. Und in der Oberpfalz. Nicht in der Unterpfalz. Die gibt es nicht. Auch nicht in der Pfalz. Die ist nicht in Bayern, sondern in Rheinland-Pfalz, ganz woanders. Unterfranken gibt es. So wie Oberbayern - in Bayern. Und Unterbayern, das aber Niederbayern heißt. Da waren wir auch - mei is des schee. In Mittelfranken waren wir nicht. Die Schwaben sind auch in Bayern. Aber nicht nur. Und da waren wir auch nicht.

Travel report to come.

Germany (North-East) - Müritz & Rügen

2018 / 06

Seen und die See (Lakes and the Sea).

Travel report to come.

Landy travels in chronological order:
2016/05 Les Vosges
2016/11 Norway
Les Savoie
2018/06 Müritz/Rügen
2019/08 Bavaria
2020/07 Lausitz
2020/09 Mosel
2021/07 Elbsandsteingebirge
2021/09 Sardinia
2022/03 Sauerland
2022/05 Cevennes
2022/07 Unstrut
2023/08 Switzerland

to be continued...

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